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String Theory

Posted by: | May 2, 2015 | 4 Comments |

I like to play with Smore before I feed her because in my mind it will somehow make her feel like she had to work for the food. It’s probably not how she thinks at all, but whatever. Her favorite toys are wand toys and string. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s stringy or if it’s because she can only play with them when I’m around.

So, we were playing and having a good old time. I had two wand toys tonight. Actually, I’ve been using them a lot lately. One of them is Da Bird by GoCat, and the other was a red wand I got at the pet store on clearance. It has detachable items on one end so you can change out the prey. Her favorite way to play with it though is with no prey attached. I also had a piece of string that I cut off the blinds.

Well, I had Da Bird going and she wanted to play with her red wand instead. At one point I had both going because I was moving one to get it out of the way while really playing with the other. She loved that. She pounced at them and life was good.

Then she ran away to reset herself like she normally does. Girl knows it’s a game. She knows these birds don’t die. Well the red wand with her, which I wasn’t too surprised about. She does that on occassion. She starts sitting on her hindquarters and batting it with her one front leg, which is also no surprise. Then I realize that this isn’t ordinary.

Gravity is not working. The string isn’t falling out of her paw.

I’m sitting next to her, so I look more closely and realize that the string has wrapped around her finger. I try to slip it off, but it’s too tight to go past her knuckle. Thankfully it’s not too tight to cut any circulation off either. At this point, she decides that she should get it off herself and tries kicking me away. But I’m worried she’ll pull the knot tighter, and I know there’s no vets open this late unless I drive two hours.

I try to mess with her, but she’s not a fan. I scruff her then and start talking all nice to her. Thankfully she decides to just lay there. I think she started purring too. Maybe she was trying to calm herself down. I grabbed the right part of the string this time, and it loosened up immediately. I let her go, and she just lied there and licked her paw. All things considering, she was very good through the whole ordeal, so I gave her a treat as a reward before we went back to playing.

And that, my furiends, is why I don’t leave string lying around.

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  1. By: kazann on May 3, 2015 at 12:02 pm      Reply

    You are very wise to not leave the string around. Did you know that cats have barbs on their tongue and if they start swallowing a string they can’t spit it out due to the barbs. One of my cats loves dental floss and steals it out of the garbage can so I have to ensure it’s safely disposed of.

    Then there are earplugs – cats love the taste of earwax. Who knew? In my town there is a cat who lives next to a firehall. At the hall they didn’t dispose of their earplugs properly and the earplugs were found in the stomach of the cat! Lots of them. Yum yum.

    Smore is getting cuter.


  2. By: Codie Rae on May 3, 2015 at 2:07 pm      Reply

    Yikes! Thats all Smore would have needed! Lucky you were able to disengage her and very smart not to leave string around.

    I am all over the dental floss thing since I heard it can actually cut a dogs intestines up if the eat it. I expect it could do the same thing to a kitty.

    Love that wild eyed Smore kitty stare!

    Codie Rae and the OP

  3. By: When the Cat is Away on May 13, 2015 at 4:58 am      Reply

    Wow! I never leave string toys around, because I’m afraid that they could strangle themselves. I never thought about their paws!!

    I’m glad you got it off, and that she was cooperating!

  4. By: jerry on May 14, 2015 at 1:45 pm      Reply

    Holy moly! Never even thought about that before, so glad Smore was OK! Yikes!

    P.S. love the way you shared your post on IG, thank you.

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