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In July of 2014, my husky and I nearly stepped on a stray cat as we headed outside for one last potty break (for the dog, not me of course!). She hissed at us and stayed very still, just staring at us until finally she trotted off into the bushes.

I figured that was the last time I would see her.

The next moring though, she was back and mewing at my front door. She started pawing at the storm door as if she was trying to get in. Or maybe she was just being polite and knocking.

I scared her off to the other side of the porch to let my dog out (she stays on a leash). Surely, she’d get the hint to leave now with the dog there twice? But no, she was still there when I went to work, waiting on the welcome mat. And she was still there when I got home from work.

Yes, it was clear. I had been adopted.

Smore sleeping in my lap

Smore snoozing up close

This kitten though was unlike any other I had met. She had sustained an injury prior to coming to our home, and because of it, her leg had to be amputated completely. I was certain it would leave lasting effects, but the kitten had other plans in mind. She decided to prove to me just how adaptable animals are.

With no other home (though plenty of vet techs were willing to adopt her), I decided to let her keep me as a pet.

On July 17th, her leg was amputated, and on August 1st, her stitches were removed. She’s adjusted well to life, and she’s here to prove that three legs are just as good – if not better – than four. And I’m here to share that story with anyone who will listen.

She was named Smore due to the coloring of her fur, the fact that she showed up one summer evening, the fact that she’s just about the sweetest and most affectionate kitten in the world, and the fact that she’ll stick by your side as easily as marshmellows stick to graham crackers.

And she’s here to tell you why life on three legs is just about the sweetest thing in the world.


Smore shares her home with a 26 year old human and a 14 year old Siberian husky.




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