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Smore is Off to New Heights

Posted by: | August 11, 2014 | 1 Comment |

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Smore has finally started showing interest in climbing again. I think her experience with the box that turned over on her while she was on her meds after surgery scarred her for a while.

I rearranged some of the furniture to make it a little safer for her since of course she picked the spot I didn’t clean as well. I should have known she would make her way there though because it was where she would lay when we were inside with the garage door open. I used a bunch of boxes I had from the Day of the Dead altar projects the kids did this year (I’m a Spanish/English teacher) to make a staircase to her hideaway. She was mad she couldn’t get up there while I was doing it, so she tried her best to figure out a new way up there. After I finished, she lied on the boxes with a look of total contentment for a while. Then, she explored all the way to the top of the staircase.

She’s getting stronger each day, and I swear she’s getting more and more energetic as well. I think she’s getting more confident too. She seems to not cuddle as much, which makes me sad, but that’s because she wants to play, play, play.

Smore lying with toy

Smore relaxing after catching and killing DaBird on the first day

I always sit or lie on the floor with her so that I can be closer to her in hopes that it’ll build a stronger bond since she can climb into my lap more easily. She enjoys using me as a shield to hide from the toys she’s stalking. Sometimes she also uses my lap as a perch to jump down onto her “prey”.

Twice now she has jumped onto my shoulder from the ground. And it’s not from play. The first time I think was because she was hungry. The second time, she ended up lying down with her body curled across my shoulders and her head right next to mine. She rubbed against me and just lied there for a few seconds. It was weird.

Socks, my previous cat, would occassionaly perch himself atop my shoulder and sit there like a parrot. Usually it was right before bedime. It reminded me of him.

She also still licks me, and today she randomly got nose to nose with me. It’s been a while since she’s done that. She’s also becoming more vocal I think. It’s been really interesting trying to learn cat lingo and body language. Hopefully eventually I can figure out what she wants. I’m getting better.

I think she’s one of the cats who wags her tail when she’s content rather than agitated like Socks did. I see her wag or flick it and back off thinking she’s getting annoyed, and she’ll look at me and rub up against me like “Why did you stop?!”

In other furbaby news, Pebbles has an appointment with the vet tomorrow to discuss Saturday and get her senior blood work done. Hopefully it all goes well. 🙂

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1 Comment

  1. By: Melinda P on August 12, 2014 at 2:05 am      Reply

    Such a sweetie! Way to go, Smore…so adventurous.

    Kender loved to lay on my shoulders as a kitten, too! She’s also a tail wagger/thwapper. That’s when I knew she was really starting to feel better after her surgery…she started thwapping her tail around again. She has a different type of tail thwap when she’s angry/annoyed. I bet Smore does too and you’ll learn to tell the difference 😀

    I hope the vet can give you some insight on the incident with Pebbles and the bees! And that her bloodwork comes back looking great…keep us posted 🙂

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